Searching for Clues in Wilderness and History

Cyclists in the model region of Elbe-Altmark-Wendland. Photo: J. Starck

Allow yourself to be taken back to the time of Goethe, with an open-air poetry reading. Explore the Elbe region from the water. Conjure up a gourmet menu with herbs from the Green Belt. Combine relaxation in an environment offering a unique and sensuous natural diversity with looking for clues in the Green Belt.

"Experience Green Belt" is the motto with which you will go on a tour of discovery. And there is a lot to discover. Numerous cycle and rambling paths along the Green Belt connect special experience and information points to one another. You can observe cranes and northern geese from observation walls, conquer castles, descend into dimly lit mining pits, climb border towers, dart across old border paths in the dark or be inspired by works of art.

Cranes - photo: D. Damschen -

The Green Belt is a landscape of memories. Not only does it have unique natural aspects, it is at the same time a living monument to German reunification. This unique combination of nature, culture and history is the basis of the "Experience Green Belt" project. Nature conservation is combined with sustainable tourism in the regions of Thuringian Forest & Slate Mountains / Franconian Forest, Elbe-Altmark-Wendland and the Harz mountains. Germany's unique network of habitats deserves to become well-known! Would you like to contribute in preserving the Green Belt in the long term as an indispensable national natural heritage?   

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