Colours, variety, richness, abundance and brightness...

...are just some of the words that come to mind when the Green Belt is mentioned. Over a length of 1393 km and up to Alpine regions and the foothills of the Alps, it crosses through all the major land regions that occur in Germany - from the Baltic Sea to the Saxon-Bavarian Vogtland. The Green Belt is a wilderness with some magnificent tall grass meadows, bush and forest paradises, marshes, heaths in flower, semi-natural rivers and crystal-clear lakes. It is a colourful mosaic of diverse habitats.

With its surroundings, not only the landscape is changing, but also the people, the culture and the history. In three regions, nature tourism is combined with practical nature conservation in the "Experience Green Belt" project. The aim is for this to inspire other areas.

Some regions already offer activities on the Green Belt, such as signposted tours on the Thuringian border hiking trail in the Wartburg region, or nature walking tours in the Steinachtal near Sonneberg (Thuringia/Bavaria). Tour guides for the Green Belt in the Harz und in Hessen-Thuringia have been published by Reiner Cornelius, with detailed route descriptions, photographs, maps and historical retrospectives. Further volumes are in preparation.


Like nature itself, the experience on the Green Belt is not static. The choices on offer are constantly being extended and increased. So it is always worth your while to keep visiting our website and follow the changes being made on the Green Belt. You can learn more about the regions in the "Experience Green Belt" project on the following pages.