The Green Belt

The Green Belt at the River Muschwitz, Thuringia/Bavaria. Photo: K. Leidorf

For nearly 40 years, the Iron Curtain divided Europe. From the Barents to the Black Sea, there ran a barrier which displayed its inhumane side most strongly in Germany. It cut up a country into East and West, separated families and friends for decades. And yet nature conquered the frontier strip. The "Green Belt" was created, with valuable habitats full of rare animals and plants. Learn more about this living monument to recent contemporary German history and the vision of the European Green Belt: Borders separate. Nature unites!


Cycling along the Green Belt. Photo: C. Starck

Experience Green Belt

The Green Belt has a great deal to offer. You just have to discover it. Visit the regions of Elbe-Altmark-Wendland, the Harz region or the nature parks Thuringian Forest / Thuringian Slate Mountains / Franconian Forest. Experience the uniqueness and great diversity of this unparalleled network of habitats across Germany. Find out how nature conservation can be combined with sustainable tourism.