Like the vulture, watching for prey...

Border museum Schnackenburg

With scarce-quivering wings, on lowering morning clouds, watching for prey [...]. Did you know that Goethe was inspired by journeys through the Harz and the Thuringian Forest? Or that there are "literary locations" in the Altmark? Do you want to know the difference between a basilica, a cathedral, a hall and a fieldstone church? Would you like to learn how walking sticks, felt or schnapps are made? Why are monasteries of all places often well known for schnapps and beer? If you have an interest in the Middle Ages, you are in just the right place in our regions. You can visit mediaeval markets and festivals, admire wonderful old town centres with their half-timbered houses, such as Salzwedel, Wernigerode and Bad Steben, and see castles and fortresses.


Events in the Green Belt

Cultural sites and events in the vicinity of the Green Belt display just as much variety as nature. You can choose, for example, from open-air concerts, concerts in castles or even ones underground, in a disused mine. You can also spend time in some of the numerous interesting museums and exhibitions.

And if your initial hunger for culture has been satisfied, you can treat your palate to local specialities. Hungry for more? Just take a look through the pages for the regions.