Harz without frontiers - on Harz border paths through nature and history

In the Harz, the Iron Curtain left quite a mark. For more than four decades, the low mountain range and its foothills were insurmountably divided. East and West faced each other, irreconcilable. The 'Brocken' became a symbol of this, visible from afar - apparently close enough to touch, and yet out of reach for people on both sides.
Since 1989, this border has become history. But the Harz has been a border country for a long time. Especially because of its rich mineral resources, it was long in the focus of the ruling classes. Thus, the inner German border was just a reflection of historical borders which had been drawn much earlier through the region, and the relics of which can still be found everywhere.
Along the Green Belt in the Harz, surrounded by unspoilt natural beauty, you can discover the secrets of a region reflected through the ages. Various partners have come together in the context of the 'Experience Green Belt' project to create new attractions for visitors to the area. Find out more about these attractions here, and join in the fun!

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