National Park Visitor Centre TorfHaus

In the heart of the first national park in Germany across two states, directly by the national park monument in the Altenau district of Torfhaus (811 m above sea level), the TorfHaus National Park visitor centre is situated. It was opened on 2nd January 2009 and continues the good work of the national park building Altenau-Torfhaus, opened in 1994. It offers fantastic views of the Brocken and into the Radau valley.

With an exciting exhibition and atmospheric multimedia shows, the "TorfHaus" conveys the core philosophy of the national park: "Letting nature be nature", and enthralling people with the beauty and ecology of the natural treasures of the Harz.
There is also a lot of fascinating information to be discovered about the history and development of the Green Belt in the National Park region.

A wide range of tips and information invite you on walking tours in the national park, along the Green Belt and beyond, via the Goethe trail, to the Brocken. The TorfHaus is also the starting point for eventful excursions and "border connection tours" into the wildlife sanctuaries of the Harz low mountain range along the Green Belt. Allow yourself to be spirited away by motivated staff of the BUND to an area of unspoilt nature. On these walking tours, you will learn exciting things about the fascinating events that take place in a natural world left to its own devices, and get to see the forest in a completely different light, getting to know it with your hands, nose, feet and ears.

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