Audio documents - "hear" the Green Belt

At 65 locations, signs indicate that audio documents can be accessed.

Those who are travelling individually to the Green Belt may also not want to miss detailed information. On a total of five so-called audio tours, a special service is provided enabling you to listen, on your own mobile phone or an audio guide, to interesting information on nature, historical or cultural aspects. The locations for which audio documents are available are listed in the "Experience Green Belt" tour guide.

The information can be accessed in the following ways:


On the tour:

  • By mobile phone: At the "tomis" audio points, call the (landline) number displayed on the "tomis" information signs.

  • With an audio guide: In Mitwitz (Hotel Wasserschloss), Spechtsbrunn (Nature Park Information Centre), Probstzella (Haus des Volkes) and Bad Steben (spa) you can hire an audio guide: simply select the appropriate file at the audio points and play it back.

  • With your own mp3 player: Download the audio documents for the appropriate tour from and play them back at the location.

At home: