Activities of leisure, pleasure and contemplation

Trained nature and park rangers accompany children on their journeys of discovery at the Green Belt.

It is possible to book in advance the nature and history experience at the Green Belt. Depending on your preference, you can build bridges across the border, obtain views and insights from the watchtowers and observation posts, feast on Green Belt (ribbon) noodles and filled chocolates, split slate or enjoy health treatments to your heart's content. There is a choice of around a dozen activities, from a weekend stay to a week of adventure. Liberty, pleasure and contemplation set the tone here for an eventful stay at the Green Belt.

Liberty - build bridges cross over frontiers on historical ground

  • Spring awakening at the Green Belt (a nature experience for families)

  • Wheel of history - history by bike (for adults)

  • Living borders, crossing frontiers (outdoor programme for families)

  • The Slate Olympics at the Green Belt - taking part is what counts! (family programme)

  • Building bridges at the Green Belt (a nature experience for families)

  • In the middle of nowhere "where the fox and the hare say good night to each other" (a nature experience for adults)

Pleasure - Let your mind, body and soul be inspired and spoilt

  • A culinary survey of 'Blue Gold Country' (for adults)

  • Water and Wellness Unlimited (walking tours and wellness programme for adults)

Contemplation - Feeling history and nature intensively

  • Where the East lies in the West (for adults with an interest in history)

  • Craftsmanship through the ages at the Green Belt (artisanship, culture and history for adults)

  • Walk through history and encounter Bauhaus (for adults)

  • A change of perspective - on the trail of the border (for adults)

Further information on the packages:

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